The postman knocks – website review

Upon clicking the link I was taken to their homepage and without leaving the page I could access all of the sites content through scrolling down the page or through the tags at the top.

The site offer an online video calligraphy course for beginners, a variety of free worksheets, calligraphy drill sheets for purchase, mail art templates and other printable materials within their catalogue.

Under the blog tag I found the categories heading (35 categories) by scrolling down the page, there is a lot of subject matter available to you here, with each category having the number of post relating to that category shown in brackets.

My impression of this site is that it is very active, with the last post being on April19/2019. The site is bright, easily navigated with lots of information and ideas for calligraphers  of all levels, therefore I highly recommend both visiting the site on a regular basis and bookmarking the site as a very helpful resource.