Stretch exercises for calligraphy

I don’t know about you, but I have found that when I sit for any extended time, it causes me to get tension in both my neck and shoulders, so before starting I do some stretches that allows my neck, shoulders, arms and even my finger muscles to loosen up, then periodically i will take a short time out and do some or all of them again.

Note: It is important to practice good posture and find a chair that supports your back

Note: Take timeouts as required


While sitting in your chair, grip the sides of your chair with your thumbs pointing forward, then using your arm muscles, push yourself up from the chair. Relax your muscles and lower yourself to your chair, now repeat exercise again.

Again while sitting in your chair, place your hands on your desk, with your thumbs and index fingers creating a triangle, then bending your elbows, bring your nose towards the triangle, then push up using your arms to straighten your elbows.


Start by shrugging your shoulders up and down, then roll them from front to if you are trying to push your shoulder blades together.

Starting with your arms extended in front of you, make an “X” with your thumbs, now with your hands facing out and using only your shoulders, make small circular movements from left to right

While sitting in your chair, lean slightly forward in your chair and clasp your hands together behind your back while keeping it straight, interlock your fingers and slowly extend your arms down behind your back and hold for about 30 seconds.

Note: Raising your arms slowly will deepen the stretch.

Raise your right arm straight up, then bend it. Now using your left hand, grasp your right elbow and gently pull it towards your head. Hold this position for a count of three, then repeat the exercise on your left elbow.

Note: Although this exercise does not seem to target the neck directly, it can relieve tension on the upper back muscles and indirectly provide relief for the entire area.


Sitting up straight, while looking forward, slowly rotate your chin to your right until you feel the left side of your neck stretching, hold this position for a count of five, then return to looking forward, repeat the excercise for your left side.

Sitting up straight in your chair ,while looking ahead, tilt your head to the side and hold for a count of five, then return to the straight position, then repeat for other side.

Again sitting straight in your chair and looking forward, tilt your head forward and backward to stretch out your neck.

While seated in a comfortable position, with your head directly above your shoulders and your arms resting by your sides,  gently lower your left ear towards your left shoulder,  then moving your chin towards your chest in a circular motion take your right ear towards the right shoulder, then move your head back to its starting position directly above your shoulders. Now repeat the exercise by reversing the circle

Start by sitting comfortably in your chair, keeping your back straight and your shoulders relaxed, place your right hand on top of your head and slowly pull to your right and hold for a count of 10, then gently return your head to the starting position and repeat the exercise for your left side.

Note: This stretch targets the sides of your neck


.Drum your fingers on your desk (like you are playing a piano) making sure that each finger strikes the desk.

Gripping the pen between you fingers and thumb, move your fingers along the pen from end to end, starting from the bottom and working towards the top, then back down to the bottom of the pen.