Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy – book review

Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy

Author – E. A.Lupfer


Of the 78 pages to this book, the first 14 deal with flourishing, with the remaining pages dedicated to illustrations of mainly birds.

As this book is part of the Dover Pictorial Archive Series and a reprint of Fascinating Pen Flourishing, 1951, its royalty free illustrations can be used freely with a limit of a maximum of ten illustrations per project or publication without permission.

There are illustrations on the basic flourishing techniques required, instruction on the proper positioning of your body, on how to hold your pen, how to draw birds, feathers and a rabbit, but there are no reasons that one could not use the teachings for drawing other animals, shapes etc.

The one thing that stands out, is the lack of instruction on how to produce the thick and thin lines required, so anyone interested in purchasing this book should have a familiarity of Copperplate or Spencerian writing.

Overall I am happy with my purchase of this book but I feel this is not a book for a beginner to Calligraphy, but it might be a useful resource for a Calligrapher or an Artist.