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The Home page lists a short intro to Jake Rainis who is Calligraphy Artist, lists the latest posts to the site (March 9/18), case studies and his recent works, if you use the blog tab you will get access to all the posts since January 1/16

The Author states in his New Year Challenge for 2018 post that he will not be posting regularly to the site from now on, but will be concentrating on more video content on his Instagram and You tube sites.

His post titled. Stroke Twist (which is a pen technique that can be applied to the Blackletter font which gives the vertical strokes a twisted look to them). there are also posts that refer to Circular Calligraphy (Mandalas) and how to construct them, Fraktur and Italic fonts, Slanted Calligraphy and how to create a Marble Effect using ink and water, to mention a few

Even though the site is written from an Artists view, there is a lot of content that can be applied to Calligraphy in general and I for one will miss his posts as I found their content to be interesting, with easy to follow instructions.

Overall I like this site and will return periodically to read any new posts, I recommend anyone reading this review to visit the site.


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