Ink flow problems

The term Bad Ink flow is used to describe problems with the flow of ink from the nib to the paper, this type of problem can ruin whatever project you are working on at the time, although there are a many reasons for this problem, it basically comes down to the nib or the ink that you are using.

If you are using a dip pen any excess ink can cause ink blobs when starting to write after re-dipping the pen, to help solve this problem touch the nib to the edge of the ink container after re-dipping to remove the excessive ink from the nib before starting a new letter.

Another problem is caused through improper preparation of new nibs

Ink flow problems can also occur from traces of ink left on the nib after a previous project, so it goes without saying that you should get into the habit of cleaning your nib after each project, change inks, when you stop for a break or finish for the day. Another point to remember to remove the nib from its holder so that you can clean hard to reach areas of the nib when you stop for the day and when you complete a project.

Another option is to change the type of nib you are using to a shape that will assist in regulating the ink flow, (a straight nib will allow the ink to move quickly to the point of the nib, whereas a bowl shaped nib will slow down the flow of the ink to the nib point).

The problems you can encounter with your ink choice is that it can be to thin or thick,.

If the ink is too thin it will leave the nib point quickly which will result in you needing to re-dip your pen more frequently which will make it harder to write, you can try to thicken the ink by adding small amounts of Gum Arabic to your ink

.If the ink is too thick it will tend to stick to the nib, you can try to thin the ink by adding small amounts of Distilled Water to your ink.

Some points to remember is to use small amounts of Gum Arabic or Distilled wate rand mix your ink in a separate container as this will prevent you from changing the flow characteristics of the whole bottle of ink, you always have the choice to purchase a different ink with the flow characteristics you need