Dancingpencalligraphy.com – website review


This website is bright, uncluttered and laid out in a no-nonsense manner which makes it easy to navigate.

Each individual category tag links to a main page that has a large selection of subject matter to choose from, some which are already internally linked to the subject matter being selected, while others are waiting on content to be installed.

After spending some time checking through the site, I found its layout well thought out as to how users will navigate and find the information that they are looking for. I also found some of the material was short on content (Inks – which was just the basic description about  particular inks), whereas in the project category (Scoring&Folding;) the content was informative and easy to understand.

As to visual aids there are a few videos or pictures to both help the user and act as a visual aid to the content being described.

It seems that the author was intending this to be an on going project as under the Products category there are several levels of membership lists, along with the benefits that you would receive for that level. There is also a sign up link to join Dancing Pen Calligraphy on the home page.

But as can be seen from the home page the last post to the site was on Aug 2/2016 so I dont think there will be more content added, It is a pity that the author did not continue as I think this site has a lot of potential, although the information is limited I would suggest that anyone interested in checking it out do so, as it has given me some ideas on changes to my own site