Calligraphy videos

Speaking for myself, I always like to either watch a video on how to do something, or get one on one instruction from someone who is already skilled at it to show me, I am hoping you find these videos useful and informative, if there is a video you think will add to my visitors experience and enjoyment, please leave a copy of the link with your comments below, thx.

Adjusting your oblique calligraphy pen to fit a different nib by Lindsey Bugbee

Basic calligraphy strokes by The Happy Ever After Crafter

Calligraphy flex nib comparison by Kei Haniya

Carolingian minuscules by Marlo Sodaria

Copperplate calligraphy (1 of 7) introduction by LoveLeighLoops

Copperplate calligraphy (2 of 7) fundemental stokes by LoveLieghloops

Copperplate calligraphy (3 of 7) a,b,c,d,e,f, by loveLieghLoops

Copperplate calligraphy (4 of 7) g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n, by LoveLeighLoops

Copperplate calligraphy (5 of 7) o,p,q,r,s, by LoveLeighLoops

Copperplate calligraphy (6 of 7) t,u,v,w,x,y,z, by loveLeighLoops

Copperplate calligraphy (7 of 7) putting it all together by LoveLieghLoops

Copperplate Alphabet capitals by Paul Antonio

Copperplate Script by Telmo Nunes

Corner calligraphy swirls tutorial by Lindsey Bugbee

Cursive Writing-a complete lesson by Tech Angel

Eight basic Chinese Calligraphy strokes by Becky Huang

Faux Calligraphy by Lindsay BugBee

Five day Calligraphy challenge by Luci Fink

Flourished Alphabet capitals by Schiin//

Flourished Calligraphy Art Tutorial by Lindsay Bugbee

Flourishing by Lindsay BugBee

Flourishing using whole-arm movement by Paul Antonio

Foil Calligraphy using a heated pen tool and hot foil by Michael Ward

Fraktur Capitals by Henrique Valente

Gothic calligraphy for beginners part 1 by Tri Shiba

Gothic font tutorial by lucybrg1

Gothic-Old English Style part 2 by Yirdy Machar

Guidelines for calligraphy by Reggie Ezell

Handling ink flow problems by Julia Bausenhardt

How to apply calligraphy tools by Paul Antonio

How to draw Copperplate script by teles Nunes

How to fix an open universal insert by Lindsey Bugbee

How to hold an Oblique pen by Kei Haniya

How to hold a pen for Copperplate script by Paul Antonio

How to insert/remove a nib plus how to angle your flange by Lindsey Bugbee

How to make a header swirl by Lindsey Bugbee

How to make “Arabian Nights”calligraphy swirls by Lindsey Bugbee

How to make the roses and swirls design motif by Lindsey Bugbee

How to use an oblique calligraphy pen by Lindsey Bugbee

How to use an Ames lettering guide by

How to write Fracture Capitals by Igor Sturion

How to use guidelines by Dr Joe Vitola

Lessons in Oramental Penmanship by Parker Zaner Bloser

Lowercase Copperplate A-N by Loveleigh Loops

Nasta’liq: The genius of Persian calligraphy demonstrated by Manzar Maghbeli

Nibs for calligraphy beginners by Snowberry Design Co

Offhand Bird Flourishing by Connie Chen

Page Savers by WildroseVillage

Pointed Pen Calligraphy 101: Common problems with nibs by Schin Loong

Roman Capitals Style part 1 by Nicolo Visioli

Starting Calligraphy posture by Paul Antonio

Telephone cord and flower calligraphy flourishing by Lindsey Bugbee

Tips for improving cursive writing by Schin Loong

Welcome booklet by Evelyn Marinoski

Why Cursive is good for your brain by Karen Spears

Why write by Jake Weidmann

Write Yong by Haishi Cui