Calligraphy pen tips and uses

The art of writing has been around for many years and has become part of many cultures worldwide. Calligraphers are not just Artist and Writers but they are also hobbyists. Although Calligraphy is not hard it is also not easy as it takes time to learn how to use the calligraphy pen to get the results that you want

Pen choice

When considering which pen to use as a beginner, you could use a felt tip calligraphy pen which is prefilled with ink and easy to use (just remove the cap and use).

There is also the choice of a calligraphy fountain pen, again this is a good pen for beginners as it uses prefilled ink cartridges, this allows you to change nib and the ink colour cartridge.


As with any type of Art, Writing or Hobby, practice is required to both improve and perfect your technique, with the best way to practice Calligraphy writing being to draw vertical, horizontal, curved and circular lines.



Use your entire arm (including your wrist and elbow), with your shoulders in a relaxed position, this will allow for a smooth and consistent ink flow, but try not to hesitate as this will cause ink blots

More tips

To regulate the flow of ink, it is important that the pen angle is the same the whole time

Ensure that the ink comes out consistently with each stroke. (While some lines may be thinner than the others, just make sure than no blots of ink leak from the pen.)

Buy/download copies of sample calligraphy letters and style guides and keep them in front of you while practicing. Also make mental notes of the direction your hand is moving while writing

If you’re using an inkwell, remember to dip just the tip on the nib in the inkwell. (Even small quantities of ink last for writing many words. If you over-dip the pen, there are chances that the ink will cause blots over your work piece.)

It is critical that you clean the nib of your pen before storing it away after use. (You can so do by rinsing it with water and drying it immediately. If you don’t dry it, it may begin to rust over time).

When using newly purchased nibs they should be cleaned of any manufactures protective oils before use.