Calligraphy Drawing – book review

Calligraphic Drawing

A how to Guide and Gallery exploring the Art of Flourishing

Author – Schin Loong


The art of calligraphic drawing is in how to use flourishing to turn simple drawings into fascinating illustrations.

This book on Pictorial Calligraphy starts with the selection and maintenance of the basic equipment required, with instruction on some basic flourishing strokes.

In the second chapter, you are taken through some exercises on how to relax your arm, build muscle memory and the creation of variations through the increase or decrease of the amount of flourishes used in a given area.

The author also understands the need to include a problem solving section, which can be very helpful is you are just starting in calligraphy.

In later chapters the author guides you through each step in creating 15 flourished animals and birds ranging from a pigeon to a zebra, with further  instruction on embellishments and ornamental Cartouches

This is definitely a book to have in your collection as a reference, not only because of the step by step instructions but also for the artistic inspiration the author stirs in you.