Books on Calligraphy

There are literally hundreds of books on Calligraphy that show the design, layout and pen strokes required to produce a particular letter, some are very informative for a beginner while others are targeted to a more experienced Calligrapher,while some also include a section on Projects or Embellishments.


Where to start

If you are interested in trying Calligraphy I suggest that you visit your local library, where you can find them in the Arts and craft section, or in a used book store. (which is how I started)


Choosing Calligraphy books

In choosing my books I need to actually flip through the pages to get a feel for it’s contents, so I used the references from the books I found in the library as my starting point, and then did an online search for that particular author/Title


My limited library

My first book was Calligraphy for dummies by Jim Bennet which i found very helpful in getting to learn the techniques involved, there was also practice sheets that I could copy. My second book was calligraphy in 24hrs by Veiko Kespersaks which gave me more information on core techniques, materials etc.

My other books are Calligraphy Alphabets for beginners by Mary Noble & Janet Mehigan, The Calligrapher’s Bible (100 complete alphabets and how to draw them) by David Harris. The last book I own is the Bible of Illuminated Letters (A treasury of decorative calligraphy) by Margaret Morgan.



Calligraphy for dummiesCalligraphy in 24hrsCalligraphy AlphabetsCalligraphers BibleIlluminated Letters







The last three books are designed to be laid flat like a binder which I find very helpful when practicing a new font style,  not like the first two where I need to hold the books open without breaking the back.


Remember just having books on how to do something is great, as they are full of important information, but to be good and improve your skills, you will need to  practice the skills shown, my main problem was creating the free time needed.